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TAGA Harmony HTA-700B v.3

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Valinnaiset ominaisuudet
Vahvistin väri:
Toimitusaika musta 1-2 vrk, hopea varmistetaan erikseen

Musta suoraan varastostamme.  Toimitus alk 0€

Uusin v.3 versio on merkittävä kehitysaskel entistä mukavampaan nautiskeluun!
Uutta on mm. Optinen tulo, metallinen kauko-ohjain ja basso-/diskanttisäädöt.

Putken lämmintä hehkua nyt edulliseen hintaryhmään. Kompakti putkihybridivahvistin joka sopii moneen ympäristöön. Uskomaton ääni, langaton bluetooth on myös loistava lisä aptX® laadulla!
Suositellaan nautittavaksi esim. Trianglen tai Tagan omien kaiuttimien kera. Kuulokevahvistin on myös todella laadukas, ja kokonaisuus sopii erinomaisesti vaikka työpöydälle.

Tekniset tiedot:

Vahvistin teho: 2 x 45W RMS 4 Ohm, 2x26W RMS 8 Ohm, Class A/B
Putket: 2 x 12AU7
Signaali kohina suhde:  =>75dB
Taajuusvaste: 20Hz – 28kHz
Sisääntulot: Optinen tulo, ja 2 kpl RCA-stereo tulo (CD ja Line)
Ulostulo: RCA Pre-Out (esim. aktiivikaiuttimille)
Langaton Bluetooth® v4.0, aptX®
Bluetooth® Profiles:  Advanced Audio Distribution Profile A2DP
Kuulokkeiden Impedanssi: 32-320Ω
Kuulokelähtö teho: 1W  160Ω
Piirisarja: 24bit / 192kHz ( SA9123 and AK4430 piirisarjat)

Vakiona mukana: Bluetooth® antenni

Irroitettava IEC virtajohto
Virrankulutus: 230V 50Hz, 70 W
Mitat: (K x L x S): 14 x 20 x 27 cm
Paino: 5,2 kg 


Testituloksia maailmalta:

Tuore hieno arvostelu TAGA Harmony HTA-700B v.2 vahvistimesta “LEBEAUSON” (02-2018)


While it could be akin to an audiophile toy, it turns out to be a serious competitor of all-digital, or more conventional
transistor-integrated amplifiers in this same price range and, as you understand, well beyond!

Take the test: compare it, with directly competing Japanese or English products. You'll agree with us: this device has

something more, an incarnation and a sense of rhythm that make it endearing, the must-have.

Simple but effective: its ease of use allows to focus on its musicality.

Full review in French:

“HTA-700B SE v.2 integrated amplifier and Platinum B-40 speakers managed to perform very nicely in all given situations by bringing involving and lush-full sound experience...


This particular Taga Harmony system comes with warm, powerful and involving sound reproduction, that is able to bring enjoying sonics in a really affordable package. It was great to hear what it's possible nowadays at this price point and how company that is willing to invest a bit more dedication and carefully selected parts in the service of better sound can bring products with more than promising sound. “


Click to read the full review



Sound Quality

"The word to best describe the sound was “balanced” in that treble and bass were in equilibrium, midband was clean and clear, so it was no effort at all just to sit back and enjoy what I was hearing while the system was warming up…

I don’t recall it  running out of steam, with the Platinum B-40 speakers and with others too that I tried, including my resident speakers…

The TAGA Harmony HTA – 700B V2 amplifier is a great little amplifier in its own right.  It has enough features to make it flexible with regards to connections, it sounds extremely good too, more powerful than the specifications suggest and the small footprint means you can house it wherever you like so it remains unobtrusive.   This little amplifier has a lot going for it…"

Click to read the full review



 Best Buy 12-2015



"I have to admit that TAGA Harmony turns out to be a melodious amplifier which has a great ability to attract attention because of its colorful timbre.

Especially in mids and high registers the amplifier plays with charm and grace, which can be expected from tube designs. The bass is pulsating decisively and with a controlled rhythm.

The TAGA Harmony HTA-700B SE v.2 is a small, almost miniature amplifier, but with a great heart to play.  

… TAGA Harmony sounds cool on every of the inputs, and whatever kind of music we are listening to, it is always enriched with tube mood, for which so many people just love constructions based on incandescent vacuum tubes."


Listening impression

"In the easiest way its sound can be described as coherent, full and saturated - especially on the boundary of low and mid frequencies, which however not always goes hand in hand with the precision of the overall resolution. The precision is decent but not outstanding. Of course it does not prevent in the correct sound reception, because TAGA Harmony style of playback which is embedded in the combination of good sound space, decent tonal definition and considerable fulfilment with sounds, allows to enjoy genuine and life-like music.

...It is fresh, healthy and pure-blooded sound, which instantly can be liked!


The power of the amp is increased from 33 to 45W at 4 ohm compared to the previous version what is immediately felt and heard. There is more verve, energy and dynamics... The tonal expression is so high that even more powerful music genres like rock or electronic music sound directly and convincingly (of course to the reasonable limit of volume level) - fluently and melodiously. Concisely and reliably... The low frequencies compared to the small size of the HTA-700B Se v.2 are surprisingly well extended and meaty, although a little limited from the bottom.

The asynchronous USB digital input...offers not only high resolution and good spaciousness but at the same time it is soft and smooth.  The sound is selective but at the same time physiological – saturated and gentle….

It is even difficult to distinguish between the sound of the CD player and the aptX Bluetooth wireless communication…

Naturally, Taga Harmony is also equipped with a headphone output and of a pretty good class."



" is a great stereo audio device for reasonable money!"


 One of the most recognized audio-video magazines in Germany "Heimkino" awards the HTA-700B as

 "The 100 best products of the year"







"They work along very well: The combination of the TAGA HTA-700B and the beautiful Peachtree Audio D5 sounds clearly and longs for more music. So it is good when the smartphone or tablet is filled up with music. For those who do not prefer to play via bluetooth, fortunately Taga also offers possibility to play from PC via USB or from a conventional CD player via the RCA input.




"Everything is folded with precision, which does not raise any objections. The HTA-700B is heavy and makes a great impression as for such a little one."



"Gentle, warm, suggestive sound... Richness and analog naturalness could be able to compensate limitations in a dynamic range and resolution, but these features do not limp; However, it is obvious that TAGA avoids sharpness, it does not round every sound but rather shapes and smooths but still leaving sound distinct and clear - there is a very good selectivity of this presentation, the sounds do not blend together, and the image tends to be three-dimensional, and although details are "combed" you can feel them constantly. The whole impression is very friendly and the style works well in a "firefighting" of compressed recordings that could be transferred to TAGA by the Bluetooth standard."





tested with the Platinum F-60 SL speakers

Glorious Sound

"For so little money this is a super deal…"


Sound and Conclusion

"And here we go. After I had angled the speakers towards me, the way they like the best, I could quickly determine how fresh and warm the duet works together and how a notable bass fundament it can generate despite large cones’ surface. The soundstage succeeded to my full satisfaction, so I can just say: heart, what do you desire more? The set is an absolutely must to have. Those looking for something good priced for themselves and their friends, something well made, with modern features built-in and ideal and free music straight from the gut, this is for you. Very big recommendation."


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