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Taga Harmony DA-300 v.2 DA-muunnin

199.00€  259.00€

Säästä 60€

Toimitusaika 1-2 vrk

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Taga Harmony DA-300 v.2 DA-muunnin

Kytkemällä DA-muuntimen vahvistimeen saat modernit liitännät, sekä samalla jopa studiotason 24bit/192kHz äänenlaadun.

- Coaxial (1xRCA digitaalitulo)
- Optical
- USB for PC

Ulostulo: RCA stereo

Paketissa mukana: Virtalähde, USB-kaapeli, Optinen kaapeli ja RCA-kaapeli

Virrankulutus: DC 18V, max. 6 W
Mitat (K x L x S): 5.4 x 11.3 x 11.3 cm
Paino: 0.7 kg 


DAC Resolution: Asynchronous 24bit / 192kHz

Cirrus Logic CM6631A+CS4344 chip

Frequency Response:  20Hz-35KHz, 0.5 dB
Signal/Noise ratio: 105dB
Harmonic Distortion & Noise(THD+N): 95dB
Dynamic Range: 105dB
Inter channel Crosstalk:  -100 dB
Pass Band Gain Inequality:     0.00001 dB
Digital Coaxial Input: 0.5 Vp-p

Digital Coaxial
Input Impedance: 75Ω
Channel Gain Inequality: < 0.05 dB
Output Voltage: 2V (RMS,0dB) (A-Weighted)

 Best Buy 06-2014


Vividly and clearly

"How can such an inexpensive DAC sound like? My answer is - not bad! With some musical genres – even exciting! This little black box has something that one can listen for hours... offers a dynamic and clear sound, not boring at the same time, without aggression...

TAGA Harmony has a bit of smoothness, which I like so much, so the device beyond the purely technical aspects of good sound, such as speed of response to changing rhythm, offers a bit of finesse, so the sound is smooth to listen to. This in turn makes many music genres, especially jazz and classical music, sound without excessive nervousness.”


To the rescue

"TAGA Harmony DA-300 turns out to be a panacea for the miserable sound quality from a computer sound card. By connecting this small converter to a laptop or a desktop computer via a USB cable (supplied with the device - solid and shielded), I became convinced of its beneficial effect on the sound… The DA-300 operated in an asynchronous mode ... so it is not susceptible to the contaminated noise clock signal generated by the computer USB port."



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