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Peachtree Audio Nova 300 Gloss Ebony Mocha

2,390.00€  2,590.00€

Säästä 200€

Toimitusaika 14 vrk

Peachtree Audio Nova 300 Gloss Ebony Mocha. Uusi äärimmäisen tehokas sukupolvi! Tyylikkäästi viimeistelty vahvistin on kokenut suurimman päivityksen koko historiansa aikana. Myös valmistus on nyt Kanadassa, minkä johdosta laatutaso on saatu entistä korkeammalle.

Uusia ominaisuuksia, joista tärkeimmät ovat:
- Phono input! Nyt vinyylisoitin voidaan kytkeä ilman sovittimia.
- Prosessor loop. Tähän voidaan liittää kätevästi esim. DSPeakerin Dual Core 2.0 jolloin kaikki vahvistintulot ovat hyödynnettävissä huonekorjaimen kautta (jopa vinyylisoitin). Tarvittaessa loop-kytkentä voidaan myös ohittaa kaukosäätimen yhdellä nappulalla! Tämän helpompaa käyttö ei voi enää olla.

Tärkeimmät ominaisuudet:

  • ESS Reference 9018K2M Sabre DAC
  • 32-Bit/384kHz PCM ja 5.6MHz DSD (double-DSD) yhteensopivuus
  • Uuden sukupolven vahvistin max. 2 x 300 W 8 ohm ja 2 x 450 W 4 ohm.
  • Parannettu sisäinen maadoitus
  • Asynkroninen USB, Coaxiaali ja 2 x optinen tulo
  • Asynkroninen suora digitalinen iOS tulo Apple Lightning tuotteille (Peachtree DyNEC technology)
  • Phono (MM) vinyylisoitin liitäntä
  • Kotiteatteri kytkentä av-vahvistimen pre-out liitännän kanssa (Home Theater Bypass)
  • RCA-looppi liitäntä ulkoiselle huonekorjaimelle, taajuuskorjaimelle tms.
  • Pre-Out ulostulo stereona. Toimii myös subwooferille
  • Huipulaadukas kuulokeulostulo
Made in North America (Kanada)

Quiet as a Mouse

The nova300 utilizes an extensive power supply and grounding design to ensure the noise floor is pushed as far down as possible to allow the music to shine through. Our engineers spent hours upon hours determining the optimal power supply filtering and grounding scheme to prevent any unwanted noise from finding its way into the signal path. As a result, the nova300 achieves a remarkable dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio. Turn up the nova300 to full volume without music playing, put your ear to the speaker and enjoy the lack of noise!

iOS Input - Introducing DyNEC (Dynamic Noise Elimination Circuit) for iPhone/iPad


The nova300 includes a dedicated asynchronous USB connection on the rear panel that provides a direct digital wired connection for Apple Lightning-equipped devices. Simply use the cable that came with your iPhone or iPad and enjoy your music transformed by the ESS SABRE32 Reference DAC and the superior sonic performance of the nova!

We know that streaming music files from the Lightning connection on the iPhone or iPad is VERY convenient. Peachtree wants to make sure you achieve MAXIMUM performance from these high-tech marvels!


By its very nature, any computer generates "noise". A computer's power supply is one source of this noise. Years ago we attacked this issue of computer-generated noise by isolating the USB inputs of our amplifiers. Having successfully conquered "conventional" computer noise, we want to be sure you enjoy the same noise-free performance from your iPhone and iPad.*

*Smart phones, notepads and tablets are, of course, small but powerful computers. Power supplies and high-resolution screen refresh rates are possible sources of noise contamination.

With this goal in mind, Peachtree engineers have developed DyNEC: the world's first and only system to address and eliminate all audible power supply and screen noise. DyNEC assures your music files are streamed to the nova free of any added noise - so your favorite music sounds its very, very best!

Once all sources of noise are eliminated, music files are "handed off" to our internal ESS SABRE32 Reference DAC - further improving performance via asynchronous connection, and eliminating any timing errors caused by jitter.

With DyNEC and an asynchronous connection, Peachtree's dedicated iOS input lets you hear your music with all the clarity, dynamics and emotion the artist intended. So can the iPhone and iPad - perhaps the most convenient music playback devices ever - be taken seriously as high-end audio components? Connected to Peachtree's iOS input, our answer is a resounding YES!

nova150 remote

And . . . the new metal-faced Peachtree remote controls basic playback functions like FF/RR and pause, so you can just sit back and enjoy!

DyNEC is a Peachtree exclusive.

What’s Old is New Again

We are pleased to say that the nova300 includes a moving magnet (MM) phono input for direct connection of a turntable. Yes, that's right - a bunch of computer audio advocates made a phono preamp! And not just any phono input... a custom designed circuit that accommodates a wide range of MM cartridge outputs. With the nova300 you no longer need an external phono preamp unless you are using a lower output moving coil cartridge. In that case, the internal phono preamp in the nova300 can be bypassed, allowing the phono input to accept line-level signals from a dedicated phono preamp or any other line-level device. Win-win!

Home Theater Bypass (HTB) is Back!

This is one of our most requested features and it is included in the nova300! HTB allows for easy integration with a multi-channel preamp/processor or audio/video receiver (AVR) so that the power amplifier in the nova300 drives the front left and right speakers for stereo and multi-channel listening. The nova300 amplifier section is likely more powerful and better sounding than any AVR available today - and relieving the AVR from driving the front left and right speakers makes it MUCH easier for the AVR to drive the center and surround speakers. When listening to stereo music the nova300 becomes your control center, and you can enjoy the full benefit of its reference DAC and ultra-low-noise circuitry. If the HTB input isn't needed it can be configured as a standard analog line-level input.

Getting LOOP-y


The nova300 includes an extremely useful LOOP (output/input) feature, allowing you to add an external tube buffer, equalizer or other processor into the signal path as desired. The LOOP button on the remote control engages and disengages the loop audio path utilizing high-performance relays. Do you want to experiment with room correction? No problem. Wire your room EQ component into the nova300 and use the LOOP button on the remote control to easily A-B between correction in/correction out.

Power Amp Mode

The nova300 provides a Volume Control Bypass feature on its digital inputs which puts the nova300 into a "power amp" mode. This is particularly useful if you have a connected source with its own volume control. Have a favorite device or app with a volume slider built right into the interface? Simply bypass the nova300 volume control for that input and use the app slider instead. VERY convenient!


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