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Yamaha EPH-R22 nappikuuloke

35.00€  42.00€

Säästä 17%

Valinnaiset ominaisuudet
Toimitusaika 1-3 vrk

Valkoinen suoraan varastostamme.

Nappikuuloke erittäin laadukkaalla äänella, sekä tyylikkäällä ulkoasulla. Android ja Apple yhteensopiva.

- Impedanssi 16.0Ω
- Äänenpaine 98dB
- Taajuusvaste: 20 – 40,000Hz 
- 1.2m johto kullatulla 3,5mm plugilla
- kolme eri kokoista sovitetta paketissa mukana
- Varastovärit: Musta ja valkoinen


Newly developed 8mm (3/8") driver unit and a housing capture the power and excitement of the bass register

The EPH-22 series is equipped with Yamaha’s newly developed 8mm (3/8”) driver unit fitted with a powerful neodymium magnet and precision tangential edge. These features give the earphones the ability to deliver a full bass sound at any volume despite their compact size. The housing, which is based on the same basic structure and uses that same materials as Yamaha’s high-end EPH models, is designed for complete audio fidelity. Just as you would expect from a musical instrument manufacturer such as Yamaha, the EPH-22 series earphones deliver total music listening pleasure.

Newly developed 8mm (3/8”) driver / Minimal reflected or extraneous sound


Serrated ear buds with superb fit and high sound quality


The ear buds are made of two types of silicon material—one hard and one soft. The sound passage section that uses hard silicon combines flexibility and strength through serration. It retains its shape even when inserted into the ears and fits perfectly to the shape of the ear canal. In addition to creating a comfortable fit, the ear bud also prevents deterioration of sound quality due to sound leakage.


Adorably simple design and high-quality color finish


The EPH-22 series is characterized by a simple design decorated only with Yamaha’s distinctive tuning fork logo on the outer flat side of the housings. Each model is finished with an elegant and refined gloss coat, making these earphones an accessory that you will want to use and treasure for years to come. Choose from three beautiful colors.


Yamaha’s 2Way Ear Supporter: Choose the style that fits you best

Due to their compact size, the EPH-22 series earphones can be worn in comfort. What’s more, Yamaha’s 2Way Ear Supporter allows the earphones to be worn in two different ways – either with the cord over the ear for a more securely fixed position (as shown in style 1), or in the regular way (style 2). The 2Way Ear Supporter is made of a flexible elastomer material, ensuring a snug fit in the ear canal, enabling you to listen to music comfortably and carefree.

Style 1 : When the chord passes through from the top, the earphones can be worn securely and comfortably.
Style 2 : When the chord passes through from the bottom, the earphones can be easily and quickly fitted in the usual way.



Remote control unit lets you control functions and take calls on both iOS and Android devices

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