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Taga Harmony RB-1650BT bluetooth aktiivi kaiutinpari

335.00€  349.00€

Säästä 14€

Toimitusaika 1-2 vrk

Suoraan varastostamme. Toimitus alk. 0€

Taga Harmony RB-1650BT on upotettava asennuskaiutinpari, jossa toiseen kaiuttimeen on integroitu vahvistin ja bluetooth tekniikka. Paketissa myös ulkoinen virtalähde ja kaukosäädin. Kaiuttimelta toiselle menee vain ohut kaiutinkaapeli.

Lisätietoa englanninkielellä. Huom. tuote suunniteltu ammattiasentajille, joten ei suomenkielistä käyttö-ohjetta!

The RB-1650BT is a 2 x 30W RMS active speaker paired with a passive one.

The system is a perfect solution for residential as well as commercial installations in restaurants, pubs, shops, conferencing rooms, fitness clubs, teaching rooms.

It allows to build a cost-effective audio installation and stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth® (music and the Internet radio) or wired via additional stereo line input (RCA / 3.5mm).

Unique features like remote control, front and rear IR receivers, RS-232 port, programmable Auto Standby and Bass / Treble regulations help to integrate the RB-1650BT into any audio-visual installation. 

The daisy-chain connection allows to connect many pairs of RB BT speakers to the main speaker and build a very large and sophisticated AV installation.

The sound is clear, natural, dynamic and provides wide dispersion throughout a listening area, and thanks to slim bezels you are hard to see speakers mounted in your wall or ceiling!

The proper design facilitates installations thanks to many specialized features:

Built-in high-efficiency 2 x 30W RMS amplifier: low working temperature (Class D amp) and external power supply allows for placement in closed areas.

Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless connectivity: stream music and the Internet radio from smartphones, tables or computers.

Auto-Switching: automatic or manual Bluetooth® input selection.

Bass and Treble regulation.

Additional RCA stereo line input: to connect analog sources (CD player, TV tuner etc.) – RCA and 3.5mm.

Auto Standby: the amplifier switches on when the audio signal is sensed and switches off after approximately 30 minutes of inactivity (can be switched off from the remote controller).

Remote controller (ON/OFF, Bluetooth and Line, Bluetooth priority ON/OFF, Auto Standby ON/OFF, Volume and Mute, Bass / Treble / Reset).

Programmable IR front and rear receivers: the rear IR receiver is dedicated for a wired control system.

RS-232 serial port: allows integration into a control system.

Daisy-chain connection: line output to pass the audio signal to the next RB BT speaker.

Slim chassis to allow installations even in shallow places.

Volume and tone memory: set it and forget - the RB-1650 BT remembers the volume and tone regulation level selected before it was switched off.

TIMPC - TAGA Injection-Molded Polymer Chassis is very rigid and strong to minimize distortions, vibrations or resonances.

TEI – TAGA Easy Install mounting brackets are extremely easy and safe to install. The ABS clamps are in a visible blue color to ease installation in dark places.

Reduced Bezel grills are magnetically mounted and paintable. They are aesthetic and virtually disappear in the ceiling or wall.

Swivel tweeter to direct a high frequency stream toward selected area in the room. 

High quality sound: 1” TPTTD Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome and 6.5” Kevlar® mid-woofer.

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